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Bootcamp: Day 8 (Running from the BLOB) September 6, 2007

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Well, as I suspected, there was running involved in today’s session. It was made fun though, which helps alot!

We warmed up by playing Blob tag. It has been many years since I’ve even played tag, and Blob tag was completely new to me. The ‘it’ person starts, and each person he/she tags, they then have to hold hands, and run together to catch every one else. Each additional person that is tagged is added to the Blob. Great fun! The biggest challenge was communication within the Blob, to decide which way we were going to run. At times, I felt as if my arms were being pulled off from both sides.

After that, we split into 2 teams, and did intervals. There were one of 7 activities that we were to be doing, and could only switch to a different activity when one of our runners came back. Honestly, I think that the run across the High Level bridge was the easiest, because I could slow down and walk and catch my breath without being yelled at.

I’m loving the fact that I don’t have a job to rush to, because I get home, shower, and NAP. It’s a wonderful thing!


Bootcamp: Day 7 (It’s a Love/Hate Thang) September 5, 2007

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So I’ve missed posting for a few days. My life has kind of been in an uproar since last Wednesday. After the endless hills and stairs I wrote about in my previous post, my calves killed me for about 3 days. The day after hurt, but I could live with it. Friday, I could barely walk. Needless to say, I did not go to boot camp that day.

Monday was a holiday, so there was no class. Tuesday’s class was a cardio and ‘playing in the park’. Tuesday was tough for me. It probably didn’t help that I had suffered an extreme hangover on Monday, and noshed on pizza all day, but we were to be running through the river valley in the pitch dark. I quickly got left behind, and soon found myself running all by myself. The fact that a cougar was spotted in the river valley didn’t bother me as much as the thought of a homeless person popping out of the bushes and shanking me with a knife.

I was up in Jasper for the weekend with the outdoor club, and we stayed at a hostel, which for the most part was fun. A hike that had the potential of being fun but because of the people I was with, turned out to be some kind of crazy race up the mountain, and back down the mountain. I was behind them all for 12 km, constantly trying to keep up. They would stop every now and then, drink water, chat, and by the time I caught up, they were off again! It was maddening.

So, Tuesday morning being alone in the dark river valley was just adding up to the frustration I faced on the mountain. I was very upset, and had to force myself not to cry. I walked back to the starting point, and waited for everyone else to show up before we continued on to the park for drills on monkey bars, push-ups, v-sits (Navasana in the yoga world), tricep dips, pull ups, and about 1/8th of a chin up. That was a joke. Again, having just come off a major hangover probably didn’t help the matter.

This morning was weight day. We started with running around the park to get warmed up, played some Ulti (destroyed the frisbee) and alternated doing laps with resistance exercises. With the exception of a weird nerve-pinchy thing in my hip that was causing pain all the way down my leg, it was better than yesterday.

Tomorrow morning will be cardio, which will mean running, running, and more running. Have I mentioned how much I hate running? God, it hurts.

Bootcamp: Day 3 (Hills & Stairs, Hills & Stairs) August 29, 2007

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Today was cardio day! Remember I was wondering if stairs would be involved today? My foresight astounds me. We started with a ‘warm up’ run which was approximately 1.2 km (I ran the whole way!) then we did hills and stairs intervals. I made sure to pay attention to my heart rate, and if I felt like it was going completely out of control, I pulled myself back, and forced myself to slow down so I could at least breathe normally.

I was surprised at myself when the word ‘bitch’ popped into my head when my super-fit triathlete boot camp leader ran by, smiling, telling us to go faster. Wow…the bitterness that can creep out early in the morning! In all truth, she is not a bitch at all, and is simply trying to motivate us. She really is a nice girl ..really!

The session ended with some core work and stretching. What a beautiful morning it was! I love showing up in the dark, and by the time we leave an hour later, I’ve been able to witness a sunrise. That does not happen nearly enough.

Bootcamp: Day 2 (A Hop, Skip, and a Barf) August 28, 2007

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Okay, so yesterday was not a good indication at all of what this bootcamp would be like.  Today was tough. Cones were set up in the park this morning, and were used for many, many drills, which included lots of sprinting, kariokas (crossovers), push-ups, burpies (which I have renamed barfies), mixed into intervals with weight resistance exercises. The early morning was not so bad today. I was exhausted by the time I went to bed last night, so I had a good sleep.  I think it also helps that the Golf Pro happens to be getting up at the same time I am this week. Next week will be tough, when he’s sleeping in. Doing pushups and other stuff that involved touching the cold wet grass was well, cold and wet. Note to self: buy some of those dollar-store gloves! My shoulders were so sore from all the pushups, tricep dips and military presses that I couldn’t raise my arms above my head for the majority of the morning. Can’t wait to see the pain that tomorrow morning will bring.

I remember muttering under my breath during the workout this morning: Is this what I missed when I was out smoking during phys-ed? A lady next to me chuckled and replied “now you know why you were smoking”.

Yoga was bypassed today, and I may need to rethink my whole strategy for the next couple weeks regarding that. I only have 2 weeks left on my 2-month unlimited yoga class, so I’m not going to feel too guilty about not getting to all the classes I need to. Besides, I can save my yoga for the weekends, and do some on my own during the week.

We were told that tomorrow will be lots of cardio. Gee, I wonder if it will involve that huge set of stairs at the park???

Bootcamp: Day 1 August 27, 2007

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After a very fitful sleep (forcing myself to go to bed early, waking several times being paranoid about sleeping in, and being woken up with an elbow between the shoulder blades courtesy of the Golf Pro), I was out the door this morning by 5:45 am.

The first session started with a round of introductions. The group is a good size..I didn’t count, but I’d say about 15 participants, of which there are only 2 men, and several ladies who have been to the bootcamp before. Today was measurement and fitness testing day. Ali, the fitness instructor informed us that we do not need to record our weight (woohoo!) because they do not believe in weight. Measurements and fitness levels are more indicative of progress.

So, my measurements came in as follows:

Right bicep: 13.5 inches

Chest: 42 inches

Abdomen: 28 inches

Hips/Gluteus: 41.5 inches

Right Thigh: 21 inches

Calf: 15 inches

Next wast the fitness test:

Pushups: (not the sissy kind on my knees) 17 in one minute

Situps: (really focusing on holding Uddiyana Bandha (yoga talk) to get the most effect): 13 in one minute

Plank Hold (on feet): 26 seconds

Squat Hold: 1 minute 20 seconds

jog: 10 minutes 47 seconds

The jog consisted of starting at one end of the high level bridge, and running to the end and back. Much to my surprise, I was able to keep a slow run the entire time! The first bit hurt like hell in the shins, but after a few minutes, that went away. I even found my mind wandering during the run, and I’d pop back into the present, and think “holy shit! I’m still running, and I haven’t died yet!”

The 1 hour session was concluded with 4 minutes of core work, then some stretching. We were told to bring our yoga mats, and after this mornings session, mine got wet and dirty from being on the grass (plus it was sprinkling) so I’m going to have to pick up a cheapo matt to use outdoors.

The weekend of organization August 26, 2007

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I have got the busiest week ahead of me! I start my bootcamp early tomorrow morning. While I am looking forward to it, I am dreading the early morning…I have to move my alarm clock tonight to the other side of the room so it will not be so easy to reach over and hit the snooze button. I guess the first session of the bootcamp will be assesments…the dreaded weigh-in, measurements, and fitness tests. Because I’m going to have to be so organized with meal planning, and that thing called a job that so interferes with my personal life, I’m going to cut back my yoga practice to 2 times during the week, plus weekends.

I’m going on my first camping trip in 2 years this weekend! I’m leaving straight from work on Friday, and heading up to the hostel at Mt. Edith Cavell. Unfortunately, the Golf Pro will not be joining me, and I’m going up with the Edmonton Outdoor Club. I’m so looking forward to being in the mountains again, and close to nature for a few days. I also can’t wait to put my new camera to work!

So, to make sure that I’m prepared for the upcoming week, I’ve spent the whole weekend doing all my laundry, ironing the clothes that I’m going to need for the week, got all my meal planning and grocery shopping done, and started to gather my camping supplies. Whew! I’m exhausted!

Will be posting daily about my bootcamp adventures…

The Geek in Me….. August 17, 2007

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Is intrigued by this: Watching ABC.com video streams in your living room

Hmmmmmm…what would I need to be able to sit on my couch and work on my computer using my new 46″ flat screen tv??

Just a VGA extension cable and a wireless keyboard and mouse! That’s it! Too many toys, not enough money…….sigh. One day, one day!

My Dear God,What Have I Gotten Myself Into? August 10, 2007

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Being tired of the extra layer of blubber all over my body, I have decided to take drastic measures. Okay, so I’m not going in for liposuction, or a stomach-staple, but getting up by 5:30 AM 5 days a week for 4 weeks is hella-drastic for this girl. This week I took the plunge and made the commitment both mentally and financially to take part in Survivor Bootcamp. What is Survivor Bootcamp, you may be asking…well, check out the link I was oh-so-nice to provide. Here’s a short description:

Participants will go through a fun and motivating 4 week Boot Camp program designed to get more intense as the weeks progress. This is for men and women of all fitness levels, each work out will compliment the previous days activities.

Our instructors provide effective fitness training, which focuses on core, lower & upper body training, pilates, yoga, cardio, agility training, calisthenics, short distance running, circuit training and much more.

Boot Camp beats working out in a gym!

Participants will go through:

  • Before and After 5 Point Fit Test
  • Before and After Body Composition
  • 4 Weeks of Total Body Conditioning
  • Nutrition, snack, shake and how to lose 10lbs tips
  • Each week will become more intense, your body is never at rest!

I’ve been pondering about doing this for a couple weeks, since I saw an article in a magazine. Well, enough pondering..if I ponder any longer, I’ll be spending yet another winter being blue about not being outside, and I won’t accomplish my goal of losing 30 lbs before my wedding. I will not be a fat/fluffy/chubby bride! No if, ands, or ‘butts’ about it! I refuse to even go try on dresses right now..why bother?? I’m going to be this size when I get married.

I obviously cannot go on this journey alone. I need someone to give me a good kick in the ass. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that I can lose 10 lbs. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Despite my best efforts to do more activities this summer, including joining the Edmonton Outdoor Club and getting back into the yoga studio about 3 times a week, my weight just goes up, and then back down to that ‘sticky’ spot. I am committed to doing this for myself. I’m sick of seeing myself in pictures and thinking how horrible I look. And oh, to fit into a size 8 again! Okay, now I’m just getting way ahead of myself!

So, my bootcamp journey begins at 6:00 AM on Monday, August 27. And it will be finished just in time for my vacation!

The Golf Pro and I are heading back to Vancouver Island for a little get away! Because of end-of-season committments, he will be joining out there a few days after I’ve already arrived. Too bad for him 🙂 We’ll get 10 days of ocean, mountains, and all-out relaxing. Based on last year’s trip, I am completely excited, and cannot wait to see what adventure awaits us! We’ve already decided that we are going to spend some more time on the west coast of the Island, and book a B&B in Tofino.

Hopefully I will also get to meet my new neice. Yes folks, I am an aunt. As scary as it is to think of my younger brother being a responsible father, it is still exciting to have a new addition to the family (and it takes the pressure off of me for awhile). Baby Faith was born on July 25th at the Vancouver Children’s Hospital. They knew months before the before the birth that there were problems with her heart, so they have been staying in a special women’s part of the hospital. Faith had heart surgery last week, and it recovering beautifully. I now also have an excuse to do more crocheting and knitting!

If they are not back in Victoria by October, I am anticipating that I’ll be heading back to the Island shortly after my vacation with my mom, who has not seen my brother since he was 14. She wants to see the baby, and try to get back into a working relationship with my brother. He is willing to put the past behind him, and I am going to be there as a liason, I guess. Hopefully they can both be mature, and act like adults. Maybe a child in my brother’s life will make him grow up a bit. It will definately be interesting.

Stay tuned as I will be writing about my Bootcamp adventures!

Friday Musings July 27, 2007

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Another weekend is just on the doorstep. 2 more hours of work (or not) and I’m free for 2 days!

I had a college friend visit and spend the night at my house last night. I made a yummy salad for us, then we were off to another friend’s house to visit with his family. Conversations are usually pretty meaningful with my friend, the Faulty Filter, and I always leave with a new feeling of motivation or inspiration. She’s read my cards a few times over the years, and each time it’s always a positive experience.

Last night, my cards told a story about my professional life. I have challenges ahead of me, but I’ll get through them, and come out on top, and hopefully will have the respect of the other people in my department, which is extremely lacking right now. I’ve been at my current job for just over 3 months, and feel like a complete outsider. I am so completely different than they are (i.e. not so jaded) and want to inspire positive change, whereas they just like to bitch and complain, and I often here “that’s not my job; I better not be responsible for that”. There are several things that go on (or don’t go on) that have completely shocked me. Nothing is done with any business sense, or any sense for that matter. These guys just run around putting out fires. When presented with a chance to improve the way things are done, they get extremely defensive. They don’t like the status quo, but they seem extremely reluctant to change. I’ve offered suggestions for specific issues, and the response so far has been that I’m offending them. I even heard one guy, who I am assuming didn’t know I was right around the corner, telling the group how stupid I am. Hmph! Sure, that hurt, for like a second. But now, I just chalk it up to insecurity and ignorance.

There is a book I’ve been meaning to read: am-BITCH-ous by Dr. Debra Condren. It may help with my current struggles. Maybe I’ll look into getting a library card this weekend. It’s one of those things I’ve been meaning to do, but never get around to doing it. I’m just finding now that there are so many books I want to read, but books are expensive, and I may not want to keep a book after reading it.

On a completely different topic, I came across some cool new websites today, and it’s all because of an email subscription I have to www.greenfeet.com:

Every Day with Rachel Ray

http://www.cleanlife.com.au/: Modern eco-ganic solutions for the conscientouse consumer; Bringing Green Mainstream. I’ve signed up for there weekly tips, called ComeClean.

http://www.greenlightmag.com/index.php Your Guide to Earth-Friendly Living….

a “guilt-free” one-stop resource for earth-friendly alternatives. greenlight provides you with information and ideas that show you how you can live well and still make a difference

They have a quarterly digital magazine that you can subscribe to FOR FREE. The Resources section on their site is amazing. I’m sure I’ll be spending some time this weekend surfing around.

Hot Day in the City July 13, 2007

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I am enjoying the air-conditioning while it lasts! It is currently 31 degrees outside (87 Farenheit), and I don’t have air conditioning at home! I’ve wandered down into the mall a couple times today, and it’s funny how many people are walking around with their new fans!
I guess it would also be a great day to be married in an ice rink! Today, for the first time ever, a wedding was held at Ice Palace here at West Edmonton Mall. I wasn’t overly busy this afternoon, so I wandered over to check it out.

Because it was such a huge space, it was impossible to decipher what the officiate was saying over the microphone. The ring bearer was so cute! He came out on a pair of skates and a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, did a lap around the rink, and finally delivered the rings. Imagine a couple hundred people saying “awwwwwwwwww”.