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My Dear God,What Have I Gotten Myself Into? August 10, 2007

Posted by Anna Vincent in General Musings, Healthy Living.

Being tired of the extra layer of blubber all over my body, I have decided to take drastic measures. Okay, so I’m not going in for liposuction, or a stomach-staple, but getting up by 5:30 AM 5 days a week for 4 weeks is hella-drastic for this girl. This week I took the plunge and made the commitment both mentally and financially to take part in Survivor Bootcamp. What is Survivor Bootcamp, you may be asking…well, check out the link I was oh-so-nice to provide. Here’s a short description:

Participants will go through a fun and motivating 4 week Boot Camp program designed to get more intense as the weeks progress. This is for men and women of all fitness levels, each work out will compliment the previous days activities.

Our instructors provide effective fitness training, which focuses on core, lower & upper body training, pilates, yoga, cardio, agility training, calisthenics, short distance running, circuit training and much more.

Boot Camp beats working out in a gym!

Participants will go through:

  • Before and After 5 Point Fit Test
  • Before and After Body Composition
  • 4 Weeks of Total Body Conditioning
  • Nutrition, snack, shake and how to lose 10lbs tips
  • Each week will become more intense, your body is never at rest!

I’ve been pondering about doing this for a couple weeks, since I saw an article in a magazine. Well, enough pondering..if I ponder any longer, I’ll be spending yet another winter being blue about not being outside, and I won’t accomplish my goal of losing 30 lbs before my wedding. I will not be a fat/fluffy/chubby bride! No if, ands, or ‘butts’ about it! I refuse to even go try on dresses right now..why bother?? I’m going to be this size when I get married.

I obviously cannot go on this journey alone. I need someone to give me a good kick in the ass. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that I can lose 10 lbs. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Despite my best efforts to do more activities this summer, including joining the Edmonton Outdoor Club and getting back into the yoga studio about 3 times a week, my weight just goes up, and then back down to that ‘sticky’ spot. I am committed to doing this for myself. I’m sick of seeing myself in pictures and thinking how horrible I look. And oh, to fit into a size 8 again! Okay, now I’m just getting way ahead of myself!

So, my bootcamp journey begins at 6:00 AM on Monday, August 27. And it will be finished just in time for my vacation!

The Golf Pro and I are heading back to Vancouver Island for a little get away! Because of end-of-season committments, he will be joining out there a few days after I’ve already arrived. Too bad for him 🙂 We’ll get 10 days of ocean, mountains, and all-out relaxing. Based on last year’s trip, I am completely excited, and cannot wait to see what adventure awaits us! We’ve already decided that we are going to spend some more time on the west coast of the Island, and book a B&B in Tofino.

Hopefully I will also get to meet my new neice. Yes folks, I am an aunt. As scary as it is to think of my younger brother being a responsible father, it is still exciting to have a new addition to the family (and it takes the pressure off of me for awhile). Baby Faith was born on July 25th at the Vancouver Children’s Hospital. They knew months before the before the birth that there were problems with her heart, so they have been staying in a special women’s part of the hospital. Faith had heart surgery last week, and it recovering beautifully. I now also have an excuse to do more crocheting and knitting!

If they are not back in Victoria by October, I am anticipating that I’ll be heading back to the Island shortly after my vacation with my mom, who has not seen my brother since he was 14. She wants to see the baby, and try to get back into a working relationship with my brother. He is willing to put the past behind him, and I am going to be there as a liason, I guess. Hopefully they can both be mature, and act like adults. Maybe a child in my brother’s life will make him grow up a bit. It will definately be interesting.

Stay tuned as I will be writing about my Bootcamp adventures!



1. Ariel - August 26, 2007

Looking forward to hearing how your Boot Camp goes. I’ve lost 35 pounds in the last year. It can be daunting at times, but I feel so much better. Good luck!

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