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Bootcamp: Day 3 (Hills & Stairs, Hills & Stairs) August 29, 2007

Posted by Anna Vincent in Healthy Living.

Today was cardio day! Remember I was wondering if stairs would be involved today? My foresight astounds me. We started with a ‘warm up’ run which was approximately 1.2 km (I ran the whole way!) then we did hills and stairs intervals. I made sure to pay attention to my heart rate, and if I felt like it was going completely out of control, I pulled myself back, and forced myself to slow down so I could at least breathe normally.

I was surprised at myself when the word ‘bitch’ popped into my head when my super-fit triathlete boot camp leader ran by, smiling, telling us to go faster. Wow…the bitterness that can creep out early in the morning! In all truth, she is not a bitch at all, and is simply trying to motivate us. She really is a nice girl ..really!

The session ended with some core work and stretching. What a beautiful morning it was! I love showing up in the dark, and by the time we leave an hour later, I’ve been able to witness a sunrise. That does not happen nearly enough.



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