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My first knitted project complete! December 4, 2006

Posted by Anna Vincent in Crafts.

I taught myself how to knit recently, and my first project was a simple scarf, which I made for the Golf Pro. He loves the colors.

That is M, who is a co-worker and fellow knitter, in the picture with me.



If You Have Poo, Now is the Time to Fling It August 21, 2006

Posted by Anna Vincent in Crafts, General Musings, Rants.
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Today, I am recovering from an awful flu bug that hit me out of nowhere Saturday. I went to my yoga class, as usual, and during my class, my neck was sore, and I felt one of my famous headaches coming on. That in itself was nothing unusual. By the time 9:00 PM came around, my bathroom had became my best friend. Trust me, it was a one-sided relationship. I’m still feeling crappy today, but I did make it into work, which I am thankful for, cuz there were a few moments there that I wasn’t sure I’d survive to see today. Okay, Okay, I may be a bit of a drama queen…but it was horrible!

On a lighter note, I started to learn how to knit yesterday! Since I was doing nothing yesterday except for laying around and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to pick up the book that came with a little DIY kit that I purchased, and learn some knittin! It wasn’t that hard to pick up, and I’m thankful for the Internet, cuz I can always look something up that I don’t understand from the book, and it is usually in video! Yay!!! So, now that fall/winter is on the way (What!! but it’s 29 degrees today!) I am feeling the need to hibernate in my home, and make stuff. I learned how to crochet last summer, and after making a few projects, I’ve kinda become bored with it. Well, maybe not bored. But every pattern I come across of something that I really want to make, it’s for knit! So, we’ll see where this little adventure takes me.

Now, onto something that has been buggin the hell out of me lately. What is up with those ugly-ass shoes CROCS that everyone is wearing? crocs.gif Okay, not everyone. Only the fashion-mislead. Why are people wearing these shoes???????? WHY??? They are FUGLY. They do come in pink, and even so, they are disgusting. They remind me of those cheap plastic shoes my mother used to buy me (probably because she was sick of me begging for them) from the local SAAN store. Now, I can understand if you are at the beach, or in the garden, or in any other location where a good pair of wellies would also do the trick, as they have also acquired an fashionable edge, but I see them being worn all over the city, as if they go with any kind of esemble out there. I have to give these a huge thumbs-down.