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Yoga Humor March 4, 2007

Posted by Anna Vincent in Funny Stuff, Yoga.

Hearing Voices: Office Yoga

Producer Rebecca Flowers Schamess of the Hearing Voices radio project offers a satirical look at how yoga might help relieve stress at the office. 

This is quite a funny listen ūüôā


Lazy Sunday March 4, 2007

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Does my horoscope reflect the fact that Sundays are my grocery-shopping day, and that is when I am at my peak of  intolerence?

Even the littlest things can be quite annoying today, especially if they are the result of stupidity. Unfortunately, you have very little patience and may be quick to judge others too harshly if they can’t keep up with you. Practicing tolerance now will make your day flow more smoothly, plus make you more tolerable, too.

So, I never wrote about this last week, but I signed up for a 6 week Introduction to Meditation course at the Yoga Loft. It’s for one hour every Sunday, for 6 Sundays. Our homework for this week was to meditate for 2 minutes every day, no matter what. I’m going to fail in the homework, I can tell. But, fail is such a strong word. I did meditation a couple times during the week, and on the days I didn’t do it, well, I thought about it…..does that count?

I managed only one yoga practice in this week. That was Monday…my abs hurt until Thursday. Ouch! Since I’ve been too broke to do practice at the studio, I’ve been doing at home, and following along with the Yoga Today videocasts.¬† There are 3 different instructors who lead the daily classes, and there is one that is a bit “out there” for me, but the other two are really great. One of them does different Ashtanga classes, which is really awesome. She even focuses on teaching jump backs and jump throughs using blocks, which helps for beginners, like me. The classes are also only an hour long, so it’s more suitable for beginners, and those like me¬†who don’t have the endurance for a daily 90-minute practice.

I’ve asked my mom for a portable DVD player for my birthday,¬†to use in my yoga room, so I’m not relying on my work laptop, which I’m sure I’ll have to be giving up soon, whether because I get my transfer to another department, or get a new job altogether.

On that note, I’m not sure what’s happening with my job. I’m supposed to be getting a transfer to another department, and I’ve been told by my current boss that it will happen at end of March. However, the leader of the group I’m transferring to says maybe June…..maybe. So, needless to say, I’ve been a bit stressed out by it, because end of March is coming up very quickly, and I’d like to know what is going on.

I’ve been applying for new jobs in the meantime, and had one interview with a recruiter last week. So, I just need to be patient, and find motivation to go to work everyday, and put up with the stuff that’s been going on for way too long.¬† I’ve pretty much cut off all contact with most people at work, and just talk about work-related issues. I’m finding that the more people I talk to on a regular basis, the more secrets and rumors I have to listen to, and it adds to my stress. Certain people I only talk to when absolutely necessary now, and leave it at that.

I bought two new yoga books last week:


I’m starting with the Light on Life book, and this is the first time I’ve read Mr. Iyengar’s work. Only a couple chapters in right now, and I must say I am really enjoying it. He has a really great prose, and every topic seems interesting and very educational. He gets beyond the physical asana, which is great for people who want more than the yoga body.

I just came across a great audio-cast of an interview about My. Iyengar on the National Public Radio website.

General Tips on Health and Wellness For Pitta Persons November 2, 2006

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Pitta constitutions will be upset by alcohol and cigarettes, as well as by overwork, overexertion, and overheating. When out of balance, they are susceptible to feeling such negative emotions as hostility, hatred, intolerance, and jealousy. Therefore it is very important for Pittas to keep cool (literally and figuratively) and to lead a pure and moderate lifestyle. Choose foods, attitudes, behaviors, personal relationships, and environmental circumstances which can be instrumental in balancing pitta characteristics.

Because sweet, bitter, and astringent tastes decrease pitta influences, include these in your food plan if pitta characteristics are too pronounced. Complex carbohydrates, milk, and some fruits are sweet; some green, leafy vegetables are bitter; beans and some green vegetables are astringent.

Do things that cool the mind, emotions, and body. Avoid conflicts. Cultivate the virtues of honesty, morality, kindness, generosity, and self-control.

What’s Your Dosha? November 2, 2006

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Since starting to practice yoga on a regular basis (don’t count on the last 2 weeks for any indication of this) and seeing a naturopath, and learning more about a holistic lifestyle, the term Ayurveda and doshas keeps creeping up. So, I went to the website noted above, and took the test to find out what my dosha is.

My results are as follows:

  • Vata: 26% ¬†
  • Pitta: 50% ¬†
  • Kapha: 24% ¬†

My predominant Dosha is: Pitta and Vata

Signs of Pitta Aggravation

  • Angry, Irritable ¬†
  • Hostile, Enraged, Destructive ¬†
  • Impatient ¬†
  • Critical of self and others ¬†
  • Argumentative, Aggressive ¬†
  • Bossy, controlling ¬†
  • Frustrated, Willful, Reckless ¬†
  • Acidity, heartburn, Stomach ulcer ¬†
  • Fitful sleep, Disturbing dreams ¬†
  • Diarrhea, Food allergies ¬†
  • Bad breath, Sour body odor ¬†
  • Very sensitive to heat, Hot flashes ¬†
  • Skin rashes ¬†
  • Boils ¬†
  • Bloodshot eyes ¬†
  • Acne ¬†
  • Weakness due to low blood sugar ¬†
  • Fevers, Night sweats ¬†

When you experience symptoms such as, excessive body heat, digestive problems, a tendency to be hostile or angry and controlling, impatience, a tendency to exert excessive effort to achieve goals, vision difficulties, and being prone to make errors in judgment because of mental confusion or because passion or emotion blurs powers of intellectual discernment, there is a good possibility that you are suffering from pitta imbalance.

Indications of balanced pitta influences are strong powers of digestion, vitality, goal-setting inclinations, good problem-solving skills, keen powers of intelligence, decisiveness, boldness and courage, and a bright complexion.

My first Mysore Class October 9, 2006

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I finally did it! I did a mysore class on Thursday! No more putting it off, no more feeling weird about it…..it was awesome! In case you don’t know what mysore is, the Yoga Loft has a good description of it. You basically show up, and do your own thing; it is not a led class. There are at least 2 instructors there to help you with adjustments and to develop your practice. I had to bring a cheat sheet to ensure that I was doing the right asanas in the right order. I found it much easier to concentrate on my own thing during Mysore, and it was really great. Towards the end, I had Rameen come over, and I told him I want to learn to sit in lotus. So,¬†he showed me a few ways to practice sitting to let my hips open. (my hips were extemely stiff for 2 days afterwards) Another great thing was there were advanced students there, including Geha, who is also an instructor, and to see these practitioners do their thing is quite inspirational.

Starting October 21, a couple new classes will be starting up, which I really look forward to exploring: Sattva and Yin yoga classes. I really have to sit down with my boss, and ask him above leaving early on days in addition to the Tuesdays he has agreed to. Gee, this working for a living is really getting in the way of my personal life……

My own personal sanctuary October 2, 2006

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I went¬†and spent more money than I expected at IKEA on Friday evening, but it was all totally worth it!¬†I have converted our¬†spare bedroom into a peaceful, zen-like,¬†yoga room, and I must say that I’m darn¬†proud of my decorating diva-ness ūüôā¬†Even the¬†Golf Pro¬†was impressed. It turned out exactly how I was picturing it, and I’m so glad that I now have my own “quiet spot” to go to.

There are more images here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cdnchick/

Yoga Room 

I was planning on going to a free Rocket yoga class at a new studio close to my office on Sunday, but my body was sooo sore from my Saturday restore practice! I must say that Saturday was an excellent practice. I have found that being in the very front row of the studio really helps my focus and concentration, as I’m not busy looking around to see how other people are doing, or what they are wearing, etc. I also had a couple of break-throughs:

While in Ardha-Baddha-PadmaPaschimottanasana, I finally bound to my toe, without the use of a towel!

I was able to pop up into full Urdhva-Dhanurasana! I usually just do a modified Bridge pose, or just go to the top of my head. I did modified bridge the first time, and the second time, I planned just to go to the top of my head, but my body just seemed to float right up, so I went with it! What a great feeling!

I went into Halasana, where I usually avoid that asana altogether, due to low back pain coming out of that and shoulder stand. But, I focused more on putting my weight on my shoulders and keeping my lower back straight. I always used to focus on really rounding my back. I came out of the asana with no back pain or tighness.

I left the studio with the great “high” feeling that comes with a great practice, and I was able to carry that with me throughout the day.

Not too sure how I feel September 29, 2006

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I can kind of some it up at “meh” right now. It’s been an extremely unproductive day so far, so why break the trend? Yes,¬† I’m still at work, and yes, I’m posting to my blog. That’s ok, the boss and his two favorite butt kissers are off golfing…if they aren’t working, why should I?

¬†(and now I’m slightly annoyed, after writing several paragraphs, I hit Save, and it deletes everything except for the above….arghhhhhh! **note to self: copy all text before saving**)

I had an appointment this morning with a dermatologist, of which was booked several months ago. Their office is within walking distance from my office, so I left with lots of time to spare, just in case I couldn’t find it. I got there 15 minutes early, only to discover a note on the office door indicating that their office moved a week ago to the very south side of the city! The NERVE of these people to move, and not even tell me! Not only is¬†the office no longer within walking distance, but is now a good 40 minute drive from work! And, I didn’t have my cell phone on me, as it was being replaced this morning with a new model. So, I stormed back to work, thinking “I shouldn’t be reacting this way, just deal with it”, but I was mad. I had to wait months for the appointment. So, I found out the office did call my house yesterday, and left a message, but I didn’t listen to it. I drove all the way there, and by the time I got back, it was 11:30. So, my morning was shot.

I didn’t do a practice at the yoga studio yesterday. Instead, I did a short practice¬†with a CD. I keep chickening out of the Mysore classes, and I just need to get over my fear of one-on-one practice, and just go. It means that I have to form a one-on-one relationship with several instructors, and it scares me. I am better in class situations, where the attention is not always on me. Does it mean that I don’t want someone pointing out what I’m doing wrong? I know this sounds silly, because I know it will help me develop my own personal practice, considering that I cannot do many of the asanas past shoulder stand because of my lower back pain. Maybe next Thursday, I’ll get the nerve to do it.

I’m going to Ikea tonight to get some shelving for my new yoga room, which I want to put plants on, as well as some relaxing¬†wall hangings. The room is on the south side of the house, and gets a ton of sunlight. I need to work on building my sanctuary where I can meditate and practice.

I really need to start meditating. I think the honeymoon phase has passed, and I’m not getting the “high” I used to get after a practice. I need to practice meditation more, and this might help when I start practicing at home.

Monday Musings September 25, 2006

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Yes, it has been awhile since I last posted. I’ve been putting many things off lately to sleep. It seems everyday after work, I need a nap. Today, however, I am going straight to yoga after work.

I had a wonderful Restore practice on Saturday with Geha. The class was packed! This may be something that also happens at the gym¬†when school gets back in…people tend to treat it as a mini-New Year’s, and start to get back into a routine of some sorts. I guess I’ll know by next year if this is also a trend in the yoga world. I knew yesterday that I had a great practice the day before, as my body hurt! My shoulders and back were quite sore, so I didn’t practice yesterday. I did, however, go for a nice bike ride. I packed one of my yoga books, my journal, and a pen in my backpack, and took a leisurely ride around the river valley. It was a beautiful fall day, and after raining for weeks, it was a nice break to have some sunshine.

One thing that I discovered yesterday while on my bike ride: Gas stations are now charging for air! Unbelievable! Since when is air not free! There is no way I will pay to put air in my bike tires. So, I got on my bike with my under-inflated tires, and rode down the block to mechanic garage, and used their free air.

Vacation wish: here is an awesome resort I read about today: http://www.junglebaydominica.com/ 

The suites are tree houses! CabinHow cool would that be?

They also have yoga retreats! Oh, to have dreams…..sigh.¬†¬†


Oh God, I Hope I Don’t Fart September 5, 2006

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I’ve always been terrified of this happening during a yoga class.

I am a Bad Ashtangi September 3, 2006

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I only made it to class to practice twice in the past week. GASP!!!!!!! Rather than dwelling on this, I can appreciate the fact that I do not have to do any work from home this weekend, as I busted my butt all week, putting in some overtime to get a project finished. I was pretty stressed out during the beginning of the week, with all the work that was looming ahead of me…why does it seem like work piles up right before you go on vacation? Is it to help you appreciate your time away from work more? By Tuesday, I told my boss that I would be leaving work an hour early, as per usual, to make it to a class. I’m very lucky that he has agreed to this arrangement, but I also think he realizes how much it helps both of us. I told him that by agreeing to it, he can deal with bliss, or he can deal with this (at I point to myself, indicating my current state). He much prefers the blissful me ūüôā

So, I did get to class yesterday morning, and Geha was back, teaching. She has been in Maui for the past 5 weeks, and although I really liked being led by other instructors, I didn’t realize how much I missed her! Her adjustments are so gentle, yet I get the point of where she is directing my body, and where it should be. Rather¬†than just pressing on a body part, she actually gets into the pose with¬†you, or around you….it’s quite an experience.¬†At first, I found it a bit awkward, to be touched in such a way by a stranger. Now that I’m used to it, it really is a great experience. ¬†Geha was the instructor during my very first ever Ashtanga class, so I kind of have a nastaglic bond with her.

I finally purchased a micro-fibre towel for my mat yesterday, and it made such a huge difference. No slipping and sliding around my mat once things got heated up! Yay! I also bought a couple new hand towels, and I made the mistake of using them without first running them through the wash. I’d wipe my face down, and discover that a nice layer of black fluff was left behind..how awful. So, I reached for my towel only when it was absolutely necessary.

My body is definately reminding me today the importance of not taking too many days off in a row! My hamstrings scream with every movement, and my arms and chest are sore from Chaturanga Dandasana.