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Bootcamp: Day 1 August 27, 2007

Posted by Anna Vincent in Healthy Living.

After a very fitful sleep (forcing myself to go to bed early, waking several times being paranoid about sleeping in, and being woken up with an elbow between the shoulder blades courtesy of the Golf Pro), I was out the door this morning by 5:45 am.

The first session started with a round of introductions. The group is a good size..I didn’t count, but I’d say about 15 participants, of which there are only 2 men, and several ladies who have been to the bootcamp before. Today was measurement and fitness testing day. Ali, the fitness instructor informed us that we do not need to record our weight (woohoo!) because they do not believe in weight. Measurements and fitness levels are more indicative of progress.

So, my measurements came in as follows:

Right bicep: 13.5 inches

Chest: 42 inches

Abdomen: 28 inches

Hips/Gluteus: 41.5 inches

Right Thigh: 21 inches

Calf: 15 inches

Next wast the fitness test:

Pushups: (not the sissy kind on my knees) 17 in one minute

Situps: (really focusing on holding Uddiyana Bandha (yoga talk) to get the most effect): 13 in one minute

Plank Hold (on feet): 26 seconds

Squat Hold: 1 minute 20 seconds

jog: 10 minutes 47 seconds

The jog consisted of starting at one end of the high level bridge, and running to the end and back. Much to my surprise, I was able to keep a slow run the entire time! The first bit hurt like hell in the shins, but after a few minutes, that went away. I even found my mind wandering during the run, and I’d pop back into the present, and think “holy shit! I’m still running, and I haven’t died yet!”

The 1 hour session was concluded with 4 minutes of core work, then some stretching. We were told to bring our yoga mats, and after this mornings session, mine got wet and dirty from being on the grass (plus it was sprinkling) so I’m going to have to pick up a cheapo matt to use outdoors.



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